Historical maps of the Habsburg Empire in 3D view

Take a look at the First and Second Military Survey on Google Maps!

Everybody can freely browse now one of the oldest and most detailed historical map of the world. Thanks to the co-operation of the Austrian State Archives, the Budapest City Archives, the Museum of Military History and the Arcanum Ltd. the First Military Survey is at everyone’s disposal. The very intricate, but precise maps scaled 1 to 28.800 allow us to explore the settlements with all their houses and infrastructure, moreover the mills, factories, mountains, valleys and rivers with their old streaming and floodplain being shown. The original, single copy manuscript map sheets of the Military Survey are not only important documents of the time, but also works of art that can be found in the Austrian National Archives in Vienna. Due to the not yet so developed cartographic knowledge of that time, there is a slight difference between the two military surveys what concerns the exactness: in the First Military Survey’s case there is a 600-800 m deviation, but we managed to diminish it to 300-400 meters.

The Second Military Survey was made between 1806- 1869 and it also refers to the whole Habsburg Empire.

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