Historical maps of the Habsburg Empire in 3D view

Take a look at the First and Second Military Survey on Google Maps!

Another 300 volumes in the OLD HUNGARIAN LIBRARY (RMK) database

Until so far the RMK I. (collective noun for the books published in Hungarian before 1711) consisted out of 600 completely digitized volumes, but the database got broadened with other 300 volumes for the reason that we managed to digitize 140 volumes with a serial number higher than 1600 from the holdings of the National Széchenyi Library.

The Public Collection Library has been enriched

Another 200,000 digitized pages were inserted into the Public Collection Library. By favor of the Hungarian Academy of Science all the publications of its Library can be browsed and searched online on the Hungaricana platform: for example the 23 volumed Manuscript catalogues or the Publications of the Hungarian Academy of Science Library (75 volumes).

HUNGARICANA is online!

HUNGARICANA is a common website of Hungarian archives, museums and libraries, operated by the Library of the Parliament, Hungary (Országgyűlési Könyvtár). The digitization was financed by the NKA (National Cultural Fund of Hungary) in recent years. The main goal is to publish the cultural heritage of Hungary on one site: databases, records, documents, images, maps, etc. Now more than 100 institutes serve data, some of them from foreign countries. The main databases (see details in databases menu):